Safe Approach For Emergency Responders @ Scene

This one-day course is designed to improve the quality of the response provided by an Emergency Responder by raising awareness of some of the pre-hospital hazards and improve skills of reading the incident and assessing the scene. The course is intended for practitioners of any clinical level of EMTs, Nurses, Paramedics or Doctors and is suitable for Community Responders or Mountain Rescue Casualty Carers.

This course is a useful introduction or refresher as the course is constantly reviewed to ensure many of the current hazards are covered during the day.

The experienced faculty present the topics through a number of lectures and discussions and the course also includes scenarios and practical input with an RTC safety and extrication awareness session.

The course is held at a venue in the Peak District and makes the most of the surrounding facilites. Candiates are requested to bring PPE and session will take place outside including during periods of inclement weather.  

Course length:

1 day

Course content includes:

  • Scene assessment & safety 
  • Mechanism of injury 
  • Patient assessment 
  • RTC extrication & six key phases
  • Special circumstances in trauma
  • Hazardous materials & environments 
  • Communication 


  • Candidates are recommended to bring full PPE for maximum involvement
  • Minimum age: 18

Qualification valid for:

3 years

Drinks are provided. Candiates are required to bring lunch. 


  East Midlands Pre-Hospital Care
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