Our History


As a group “East Midlands Pre-Hospital Care” was officially formed in 2012 with the intention of bringing together a number of local education and learning opportunities. During 2016 this has been further developed in order to afford the volunteers a greater level of protection for all involved.

The region has seen various courses and education sessions delivered over the years. Whilst not part of EMPHC, The longstanding monthly education programme supporting the RCS FPHC is recognised nationally as a successful regional group. This group has supported the development of many other newer regional faculties supporting the work of the national Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care. As well as the faculty sessions, medical scenario days, mini conferences and safety awareness training are some of the group’s strengths. 

The original 3 day SMART@Scene course delivered back in 2007 has continued to develop PHC practitioners, as does the 1 day SAFER@Scene course delivered by volunteers with a common objective of development of skills and safety awareness when operating in a pre-hospital care setting.

The organisation is run by a dedicated core of experienced Pre-Hospital practitioners who are volunteers and give their time to run the orgnaisation for free. The organisation welcomes the support of a regular group of approved instructors and supporters and a small number of committee members support sub-groups.


The purpose as defined in the constitution and known as the Objects are:

  • the advancement of education
  • the advancement of saving of lives
  • the advancement of citizenship / community development
  • the promotion of the efficiency of the emergency services


  • Improve safety and competence for responders
  • Advancement of education & continual development for responders
  • Networking and the sharing of experiences
  • Develop practitioner skills through workshops & courses
  • Raise awareness of national guidance 
  • Improve interoperability between organisations 
  East Midlands Pre-Hospital Care
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